We put our heads together and thought, "What could make a night out watching the nations best stand-up comics perform live... even more of a scream?" And then the idea shone brightly, we would pick someone... a doctor, a housewife, a carpenter, a fireman, or even YOU to host the show!!

Each night a local guest host has the once in a lifetime opportunity to do a couple minutes of their favorite jokes in the stage lights at Jr.'s, and then spend the rest of the evening as emcee at the funniest place in town.

Where do I sign up?

The next time you attend a show at Jr.'s, just fill out one of the cards located on your table. If you have the guts, recommend yourself as a candidate, or a friend, your Mom, Dad, or even Grandma!!

The Jr.'s staff will draw names for the show, and even provide some guidance putting an act together. The only requirement is that the
candidate must have attended a show!