August 7-8, 2020

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John Mulrooney Comedian at Jr's Last Laugh Erie PA

John Mulrooney

John Mulrooney is a stand-up comedian with more than twenty-five years of television, stage and radio experience. Born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. John knew early on that his calling was comedy. Once, while on a family trip to the World’s Fair, young John climbed on stage during a children’s show and told a joke that would have been more appropriate for a bachelor party. Initially, John could not understand why the stunned audience members stared at him as if he were the last letter on an eye chart. John’s parents ushered him offstage and quickly “enlightened” him about his choice of material. Mr. and Mrs. Mulrooney then forced the fledgling showman into an early retirement.

But everyone knows you can’t keep a good delinquent down forever. In 1980, John emerged from his coerced hiatus to try his hand again. This time the reviews were favorable and John never looked back. John spent the next seven years honing his craft in front of fastidious New York audiences. During this time, John got his feet wet in television with a show called, Comedy Tonight. The upstart show was the first syndicated T.V. program to feature night club comedy on television. In addition to his on-camera antics, John also wrote and did the studio warm-up’s for more than 165 episodes. John’s abilities caught the eye of a savvy talent agent and he was off Hollywood to compete on Star Search.

Kevin Downey Comedian at Jr's Last Laugh Erie PA

Kevin Downey, Jr.

Comedian, columnist Kevin Downey, Jr. has been recently labeled, “refreshingly bizarre” by fellow comedian Joe Mulligan. Kevin headlined small rooms all over the U.S. and enjoyed a “cult” following, (that means only 28 people dug him), until his frequent and on-going bookings at the Comedy Stop at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, which has brought him to a new level of notoriety. Kevin now works “A” clubs everywhere, and to larger and larger audiences.

The Early Years – Whereas most comedians will lie about where they grew up in an effort to gain, “street creds”, comedian, columnist and all around swell guy Kevin Downey, Jr. actually did grow up in Detroit MI. He made his TV debut at age 6 on CKLW’s, “The Bozo Show” where he won a hockey stick, a 12-pack of Orange Crush and some Tootsie Rolls playing, “The Bug Game”. Like all kids in Detroit Kevin attempted to play ice hockey, but his first and only season was cut short when the coach realized Kevin was too small to skate while wearing all the gear, thus clearing the way for Wayne Gretzky to top Gordie Howe’s achievements.

Bright Lights burnin’ Gonna set your Soul on Fire – Kevin moved to New York City looking for fame and fortune. He instantly landed a, “part” at Macy’s Santa land as an elf, (some call it the longest running show on Broadway). Kevin was decimated to learn all elves were fired after the Christmas Eve shift. Shortly thereafter Kevin went to his first comedy show at New York’s Comic Strip Live and realized his calling, though it would be three years until he had the stones to get on stage himself.

Money for nothing and your chicks for free – Today Kevin is headlining clubs everywhere in the U.S. He can be heard on The Bob and Tom Show, Sirius and XM Satellite radio regularly. He’s been on Comedy Central, What Not to Wear, and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy where he got a much needed haircut. Kevin appears at the Comedy Stop at the Trop in Las Vegas at least four times per year. He has an ever-growing fan base that comes to see him again and again. He writes a column called, “Drinking on $11 a Night”, which can be read in Bachelor Pad Magazine, GQ magazine, at usedwigs.com and drinkingon11.com. Kevin’s song, “Secret Garden of Dirty Little Whores (who think they’re better than me)” can be heard on college and traditional radio stations throughout the country. He has a nationally released DVD called, “I’m not Gay, but Dont Stop” which can be found on Amazon and Netflix. Kevin is not related to Robert Downey, Jr.

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